azienda agricola baccagnano

Über das Weingut


Take a handmade pottery qvevri from Georgia, pour some curshed and destemmed Albana and forget about it for 31 days. Draw off the wine and you will have Piròna, whirlgig in romagnolo, a white wine only by its name that will dance in your mouth like a butterfly and sting like a bee. We only made 189 bottles in 2019.
  • Weinart: White
  • Traubensorten: Albana
  • Weinstile: Aromatic white
  • Weinspezifikationen: Natural wine
  • Alkohol %: 14.5
  • Volumen: 750
  • Jahrgang: 2019
  • Empfohlen für Fleisch: Red meat, Vegetarian
  • Empfohlen für Kochstil: Cooked, Grilled
  • Empfohlen für Geschmacksrichtung: Bitter, Umami
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