Adriano Grasso is a small wine producer of about six hectares situated in Calosso first country town you reach in the area of Monferrato, which borders with Santo Stefano Belbo and Castiglione Tinella, the furthest countryside of the Langhe area 
Currently the vineyards and cellar are achieved the Organic Certification by ICEA (august 2020)
The estate is a family run business; since 2015 it is associated at FIVI. The association defends the vine – grower that make and trade wine with own brand.
Make wine means: to feel in the glass of wine the flavour, the smell of my terroir; to feel the passion and the love to grow the vine in the most natural way. If the earth is healthy and alive, consequently the people who live here will have a better life.
The process used for weeds in the under layer is done with intervals mowing in  shallow depth of the soil which aims to cut the roots of the weeds.
The treatments against downy mildew and powdery mildew are sprayed with products based on copper and sulphur trying to limit the use as much as possible. In many cases a careful process used in the procedure of canopy management helps to reduce treatments.
The Fertilizing process is done using manure or compost and when it is possible the green manure is used to give the ground a greater contribution of organic substance.

The cultivated vines are Moscato, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Gamba di pernice which is   an ancient indigenous vine now only found mostly in the town of Calosso and some neighbouring towns.

The harvest is by hands in small baskets of 25 kg.
The alcoholic fermentation is carried out by making a pied de cuve with natural  yeasts from the vineyards.
Procedure carried out in the cellar, after which the new wines have finished the fermentation, are racked off, tasting and "batonnage".
The refining process is done by keeping the wine on the lees fermentation for 12 - 24 months. These give complexity and stability to the wine but the appearance is certainly more important it serves as a natural prevention of oxidation and therefore allows reducing the concentration of sulphites.
The bottling is done without filtering on the quarter of a waning moon and fine weather.

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