Az. Agr. La Busattina

La Busattina, in the extreme south of Tuscany in the province of Grosseto,
is located between Mount Amiata and the sea at 500 m above sea level. The
vineyards benefit from climatic influences of the sea and the mountain.
Since January 1990 we practice organic farming. We recovered a winery that
was abandoned for many years. Since 1998 we switched to biodynamic farming
, and obtained the Demeter brand. The estate covers 25 hectares, 10 of
which are woodland, 5 of vineyards, 1 of olive groves, 9 of arable land and
pastures. In the farm there are several animals, sheep, goats, pigs,
donkeys, etc. We do not use fertilizers in the vineyard but only green
manures and biodynamic preparations. We only use pure sulfur and copper in
small quantities to protect the vine from fungal diseases. The vineyards
enjoy from the south-east exposure, of sandy soils which are particularly
suitable for the cultivation of the vine. Day and night temperature range
due to the altitude, give origin to healthy grapes rich in scents. The wine
is ruby red with red fruit aromas. The grape varieties Sangiovese and
Ciliegiolo are used for the production of an I.G.T. Rosso Toscano, they
have an elegant structure, rich taste and evolve very well. The white grape
varieties used are: Trebbiano (75%), Malvasia (20%) and Ansonica (5%). The
manual harvest (10-25 October) is staggered over several times. The
selection of the grapes begins with the thinning out of the bunches,
continues with the harvest of only ripe grapes, and it ends with the
natural withering of part of them. During the vinification process the
qualities of the grapes and the soil are enhanced by practices that exclude
the use of selected yeasts, without temperature control or refrigeration,
with a long maceration in an ancient stone cellar.

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