Azienda Agricola RAMOINO

The Ramoino Family
We have been transforming the grapes of our D.O.C. vineyards in Western Liguria into emotions for three generations.
Our Ligurian wines: Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese di Dolceacqua, are born from the love for our land.
Heroic viticulture, they define it, and it is true, every Ligurian wine embodies the heroism of generations, the effort of those who work the vertical vineyards, wrenched from the mountains, but also the satisfaction of producing them in a unique land, which tastes of sea, saltiness, mountain.
The wines of our Azienda Agricola Ramoino are like this, capable of exciting, of enclosing Liguria’s many facets in a glass. Our wine is joy, conviviality, that feeling that you experience around a laid table or in front of a simple focaccia, where toasts or tastings take place, even better if in the company of friends, because in Liguria you become friends slowly, but when you are friends in front of a glass, it is forever.
The Ligurian landscape is unique: its air which smells of dried salt, the land which changes at every step, the wisdom of its producers, the terroir, in short, that set of factors which make Ligurian wine a product that surprises and excites. The Ligurian mentality, which distrusts changes, fashions and approvals, also helps the Riviera wine. What could have been and was a weak point has turned into a strength, preserving the uniqueness and typicality of Ligurian wine. -

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