Giannitessari winery is located in Roncà, the heart of the Valle d'Alpone, in the province of Verona. Founded by Gianni Tessari, with the help of his wife Anna Maria and their daughters Valeria and Alice. Gianni was among the first to believe in the potential of the Durella grape, an indigenous variety of the Lessini Mountains, a volcanic unit between Verona and Vicenza.
The etymology of Durella is almost certainly attributed to the thickness and leathery consistency of the skin. A characteristic, hardness, attributed for a long time also to the resulting wine. Today, thanks also to Giannitessari, the Lessini Durello is involved in a process of rediscovery and development, appreciated for its marked acidity and the mineral flavor, thanks to the soil rich in tuffs and basalts.
55 hectares of vineyards distributed in three DOC (Roncà for the Lessini, Soave and Sarego for the Berici Hills), a modern cellar with about 7,000 meters and 350,000 bottles produced for a total of 16 labels. These are the numbers of a reality that under the guide of Gianni, combines different terroirs full of personality.
Great Soave, expression of the volcanic soil; red wines with great balance, from the Berici Hills clayey terroir, and the sparkling Lessini Durello characterized by the minerality and fineness of the Monti Lessini.
A new challenge for Gianni; the one of expressing his abilities as winemaker through the comparison with three different and complementary terroirs: Three territories, one passion.

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