Pomario became part of our lives on a foggy October day of 2004. At that time we were looking for a place that could be our future hideaway in Umbria but without any clear idea of what we were looking for.  After driving for a few hundred meters through the woods we found ourselves in the midst of an old Vineyard and olive trees. The unreal and peaceful silence confirmed we were in the right place.  The sunny and breathtaking landscape convinced us that the journey back home had begun. During the renovation of the house we also started taking care of the olive trees and the Vineyard. I still remember the intense excitement of the first olive oil collected from the oil mill. The old olive trees were brought back to life with massive pruning. Then, thanks to my wife and with the assistance of the agronomist and the winemaker  we decided to reorganize the old Vineyard .
Pomario is a small hill (about 10 hectares) very bright and isolated from the environment by thick woods that surround the property, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, 500m above sea level.
The composition of the soil, rich in skeleton structure but with loose silt and clay, the strong lighting, and the presence of water sources, are the key elements that have made Pomario a perfect place for an agricultural settlement. Giangiacomo and Susanna Spalletti Trivelli, having understood the potential of this “agroecosystem,” pristine and exceptionally rare, have decided to manage POMARIO  according to the terms of organic-biodynamic agriculture. The Olive Grove and Vineyard, though uncultivated for several years, were still in excellent condition and in perfect harmony with the land. They were recovered and restored along with the ruins of the old farmhouse.

Respecting the environment and maintaining ecological balances have been the guidelines that led to the building of the new Pomario winery. Created from the renovation of the former tool shed, this winery keeps the farmhouse style, and, where possible, the original materials have been reused. The processing systems are equipped with modern environmentally friendly systems for the control of essential parameters for the production of high quality wines.The aging room has been built close to the ground in order to obtain even temperatures and humidity naturally, in every season. In this room Barriques, Tonneaux and big oak casks are stored. Finally, the bottling room is fitted-out with a state-of-the-art bottling machine and the warehouse is designed to preserve wines in ideal conditions.

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