Weingut Gebert

Making great wines from small grapes - not too serious, but damn good! This is the ambitious goal of an extraordinary team that comes together in Siefersheim with joie de vivre and innovative spirit. Strong characters from the wine and technology industry meet a traditional winery with excellent locations. The result is a dynamic that inspires. An ambitious project with an adventure factor.

In Siefersheim, viticulture is a cultural asset, home and tradition. Whoever grew up here knows the wine year, loves the wine festivals and appreciates the charm of the rural idyll. Guests find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city and a place "where the world is still in order. Viticulture is a family affair. But what happens if you mix it up a little and turn up the music? For eight wine enthusiasts, the craziest project of their lives is born.

With clear ideas of quality and style, entrepreneur and winemaker's daughter Anne Gebert recruited like-minded people from the technology, tourism and wine industries to lead her parents' winery into the future. Since the beginning of the 2020 wine year, it is now complete, the new team that brings together three winemakers, diverse talents and generations with joie de vivre and innovative spirit. Building on the knowledge of the experienced winemaker Hans-Joachim Gebert and almost 200 years of winemaking tradition, the talented and committed young winemaker Paul Krahl sets clear accents in the wine cellar, while the team around Nicolas Neff takes care of the care of the vines with dedication. Organizational talent and sommelier Jan Jansen ensures the well-being of the customers, but also the smooth running of the technical and operational processes. With great hospitality and attention to detail, Lara and Hannah Gebert take care of the vineyard and events where you can clearly taste what everyone has worked for with dedication.

Characters, who could hardly be more different, and eight hectares of playground to create space for new ideas and connect worlds. Because they all have one thing in common - a passion for wine and vines.

Among all four vineyards of the Gebert Winery, the Siefersheim Heerkretz is certainly the best known. A great site that produces elegant, multi-layered and exciting wines with clear porphyry minerality. As part of the sunniest and driest wine-growing region in Central Europe, the Heerkretz and its neighbouring site on the heath nature reserve, the Golden Horn, offer exceptionally good ripening conditions for healthy and extract-rich grapes. Our Rieslings, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir grow here. Not far away, but with more nutritious loess-loam soils, lies the Martinsberg. This is where our oldest Silvaner vines grow, whose roots are deep enough to allow mineral extracts to be carried right into the grapes. The south-facing Gumbsheimer Schlosshölle, our fourth site, offers our Chardonnays, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc with its loose black earth and calcareous clay marl, a foundation where both old and younger vines produce a wealth of flavour.

Even when easy-drinking the estate wine from the light bottle, you can taste it, the clear origin profile of the Gebert wines. The village wines bring the varieties and soils even more clearly to the fore.And for those who appreciate a very special glass of wine and want to clearly sense the characteristics of the individual vineyard, the hand-picked single-vineyard wine is the perfect choice.

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