Weingut Schnitzler

Our winery was founded and established in the year 1809 and since then has been a family owned and run business with over 60,000 grapevines planted across 12 hectares of vineyards in the Mosel-Saar region of Germany. The winery with over 200 years of history and heritage is home to some of the finest award-winning wines in the region. Some of our vineyards are over 100 years old and have adorned the table of Danish royalty as well.

The winery is situated in the heart of what is referred to as the ‘little valley of Konz’, nestled amid hills, forests and vineyards. The picturesque valley, is an erstwhile riverbed of a tributary of the river Mosel, that meandered through the region in the past. This region is one of the famous wine regions of Germany with the best Riesling vineyards. Our wines carry the stamp of the old school method of wine making and we are proud of the fact that our wines traverse the quintessential vineyard to the table route to be enjoyed and savoured.

Our collection includes a variety of White, Rosé, Rotling, Red, Sparkling and Semi-Sparkling wines. The unique characteristic taste, colour and aroma of our wines, which are one of the finest, reflect the terroir of region. The typical mineralic Riesling with characteristic aromas that are reminiscent of the fruits - quince, pear, apple, pineapple or a citrusy note in certain cases is a result of the minerality of the region which can be attributed to the lime-free devonian slate terrain.  We would like to mention here that a few of our vineyards and the vine stocks are almost a century old and the Riesling produced from these vineyards continue to surprise us each year with their unique taste and aroma. Our viticulturist Bernhard Faber, a ‘Winzermeister’ (Master Wine Maker), with over 40 years of experience, personally supervises and carefully nurtures the vinification process that ensures the high quality of wines year after year. His expertise is not confined just to wine-making, but it extends to responsible cultivation that allows the vineyards to sustain themselves and retain their cultivability constantly over the years.

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