Vitivinicola Pierro

Azienda Vitivinicola Pierro 
1266  –  RIPULAE  –  2016

I am Paolo Pierro, a proud citizen of Rivoli, on the outskirts of Turin, since my birth and the “vigneron” of this fascinating city in Piedmont.
In my life courage and madness are two sides of the same coin in fact, after a first path in education and in the mechanical industry, in 2014 I embarked on a new life project by directing my energies and resources towards agriculture, more precisely in viticulture.
This culminated in 2016 with the creation of my business: the Pierro Winery.
This transaction, from two diametrically opposed worlds, can be more easily deciphered through one of my mottos: "winegrower by passion, producer by profession", because only passion can give you the courage to follow up on your vocation.
The reason for existing of my project dates back to 1266, the year of the oldest written record of Nebbiolo production.
In a roll of parchment, preserved in the historical archive of Turin, concerning the accounts of the Castellania di Rivoli the following sentence was reported: "De exitu vinearum de nibiol hoc anno (1266) ccc sexstari", translated "The production of Nebbiolo dell ' year is 125 Hl "
This sentence reported in this document certifies one thing: Rivoli is the first known Italian cradle of Nebbiolo.
I can proudly say, after many sacrifices, that since 2017 Nebbiolo has officially returned to its home, planting two new vineyards on the moraine hill.
After just 750 years, I have brought this ancient tradition back to life.

The objectives of my projects are mainly aimed at Rivoli where, in addition to being present the new Nebbiolo plants, that is Raffaele vineyard and Angiolina vineyard, in 2020 vineyard Carmela was born, the first plant of Baratuciat the native white grape variety of the lower Val Susa saved from oblivion a few years ago and of which I am a proud supporter being a founding member of the association that protects it.
The departure of the production in Rivoli, however, is due to the recovery of a small company, Vigna Renata, recovered from the abandonment in which we produce MORENICO, our red aperitif wine and PUNTO ZERO, a symbol of the difficulty of starting from scratch.
Rivoli is the epicenter of the project, but out of necessity and opportunity we are present in two other territories.
The Pinerolo area, where in Vigna Milva in the municipality of Macello we produce MASEL, the elegant 100% barbera.
In the mountains, in Borgone di Susa where in the old Ederina vineyard, the last one left with all the stone poles and where the viticulture is almost like that of our grandparents, that is, entirely manual, we elaborate SAN NICOLAO, an incredible blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo.
Finally we vinify dolcetto, our BOCÉT, which always finds its place in all banquets.

For me, the only possible agriculture is that which arises from the alliance between man and nature, so I try to follow the alliances that our ancestors have already successfully made in these lands.
So, as with Nebbiolo, thanks to the written document that certifies its primacy and with Bararuciat, originating between the Almese-Villarbasse axis, I also pursued the recovery of another native grape variety, the "Brunetta di Rivoli". We are now at the very beginning of this project, but it could legitimately follow the successes of the Baratuciat.
The first harvest of Nebbiolo di Rivoli took place in 2019 and is aging in barrique, so we are still a long way from discovering the first result of the most important project, but perhaps as early as 2021 the first bottle of NIBIOL can be uncorked, and it is then which you can write again:
Ripulae: De exitu vinearum de nibiol hoc anno (2019) xii sexstari

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