As of 21 February 2020

This website is operated by WineJump A/S (Ltd), registered in Copenhagen, Denmark with company registration number CVR 40592326. WineJump A/S (Ltd) is a company incorporated under the laws of Denmark.

Wine Jump A/S (Ltd)
Address: Lavendelstraede 8, 1462 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Phone: +4528762121

Board and management: Thomas Winther
Tax number: DK40592326

For questions and interview requests, please contact the WineJump Communications Team on

European online arbitration

As required by law we are obliged to inform you on the existence of european online arbitration, under the governance of the European Commission. The arbitrage platform for online disputes can be found here: Our contact mail for disputes is:

We like to inform you that we do not partake in online arbitration and that all governing terms and conditions for this service and all of WineJump's services are defined in our terms of use. All terms can be found here:

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Se non vivi in uno dei paesi sopra indicati, ti preghiamo di attendere! WineJump aprirà in più paesi nel corso del 2021. Nel frattempo sentiti libero di visitare il più grande assortimento di vini d’Europa.