Our Company born from love for our land. Since the beginning, we set our aim in producing high quality wines, thanks to a balanced and synergic result from the work of nature and man in a complete and mutual respect. The Company’s estate, sweetly breezed thanks to its location on sunny hills with overlook on the sea (Strait of Messina), includes a total area of 70 hectares: 36 of them are cultivated in olive trees, 24 in wild chestnuts and 10 hectares in biological vineyards. Modern and advanced technologies are used to carry out the vinification process. Indeed the Ganimede® system is the most important example of these techniques. This winemaking process allows our experts to manage grapes without any mechanical procedure: all this let keep the integrity of the taste and a natural decrease of the vinification's temperature. For this, in the wine can be distinguished all the different aromas of our grapes and their feature are strongly persistent in the glass. In a Zagarella bottle of wine you can find not just a good wine, but a combination of noble perfumes of South Italy and the hard job of an enthusiastic young team of entrepreneurs whose aim is to mix ground and sun, technology and traditions, history and avant-garde, in a wisely way.

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