Piccola Cantina Rossi

We are a small natural organic winery.
We handcraft wine in Italy, in the Umbria region, precisely Castello delle Forme in the DOC Colli Perugini area, with grapes from the old family vineyards and the new vineyards planted from 2003 to 2006, vinified in the old master cellar.
Since 2005 we have directly bottled our wines, and in 2007 we have switched to Organic Agriculture, since 2016 we have been associated with VinNatur, the largest European association of producers of Natural Wines, whose quality is provided by the residual analyzes that each year of the Association associated with the wines of all associated winemakers.
All the grapes are rigorously picked by hand, with harvest days in which all the family and friends participate, and immediately worked, macerated, then manually pressed with ancient vertical wooden presses. Fermentation is spontaneous with the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts, therefore already present in grapes and in winemaking environments. Our wine contains grapes and minimum quantities of sulphites.
In short, we are one of those cellars with a passion for craftsmanship, authenticity and naturalness of wine. Where wine is still considered a food and as a story it must be preserved from any sophistication extraneous to the raw material. Our wines break the lines and come out of the current canons, they are pure primitive wines, cured in every aspect, assigned at the end, from cultivation free of chemicals to respect for the grapes in the cellar, to give the wine that vitality that reveals unique sensations.
A reference to the earth and the stones, to the wood of the vines, to the iron wires that support them.

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