Punta Aria


Our wines are entereley produced and bottled on the island
Organically and using only our own grapes

The first time I've been to the Aeolian Islands I was a boy of twelve, on holiday with my family.
I was fascinated by those landscapes - the same places Ulysses explored. Observing the small ports, I imagined the vessels of 
Greeks and Roman merchants; looking at the terracing, I could picture farmers working the heart and cultivating the vines.
Back then, in 1988, I never would have thought to become a producer of Malvasia delle Lipari, nor I imaginated tath the bond 
with Volcano would become so intimate.

The Aeolian Islands have always been a land full of charm, bewitching many people with its beautiful landscapes, its volcanoes
and its Mediterranean soul, evoking a unique sense of isolation and tranquility.

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