Château de la Roche en Loire. 
Organic and Bio-dynamic growing  under Ecocert Control.  Renaissance des Appellations and Biodyvin Member.
Le Château de La Roche en Loire is situated around a manor house dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, near the hamlet of Belle Croix, on the
old “de la Pucelle” road linking Chinon to Tours used by Joan of Arc before crossing the Indre via the Port Huault ford, on Tuesday April 5th 1429. The
property covers 37 hectares, bordered on one side by the Chinon Forest and on the other by views of the Indre and Loire valleys. The Chateau was
owned by Urbain de Maille in 1597, whose son Albert was the godson of the Lord of the neighboring hillside castle, the Court of Berruyer. Further
documentation shows that on June 29, 1644, the Lord of La Roche was one Nicolas le Simple.
In 1680, ownership passed to Marie-Renee de Gourdault, originally from the Abbey at Turpenay. Vines were always a feature of the property, which
was a supplier of wine to the Courts of Paris and Versailles. The end of the 18th century witnessed significant work on the property’s cellars and storage
rooms for the wine. Two vertical-screw presses, one of which is still present today, were used to crush the grapes, producing 750 hectolitres (100,000
bottles) of wine. The soil of Chateau de la Roche en Loire has a sand-and-clay, flint composition, with a significant density of small stones (hence the
property’s name), giving the wine a gun-flint character typical of this region.

Organic and Bio-dynamic growing under ECOCERT control. The vines benefit from a North-South orientation, and are surrounded by diversified growth including pear and apple trees as well as areas allowed to lie fallow, creating an equilibrium that increases the organic balance of the soil. Drainage is provided by a network of ditches, separating hedges, and grass growing in the dividing rows. The soil is very lightly worked, to encourage the vines’ roots to reach downwards and search for minerals in the soil.

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