Rocca Brettia

From the slopes of a historical hill, once a defensive fortress, now site of the ancient swabian castle of Cosenza, it draws inspiration the entrepreneurial adventure of Rocca Brettia, a winery that in its name reminds the local cultural heritage and in the effluvium of its wine the scents and flavours of the woods and grapes of Calabria.
The vineyards kissed by the sun extend over a large hill, at 500, a.s.l. in Donnici Inferiore, close to Cosenza. They are surrounded by the colours of the Mediterranean greenery and protected by secular olive trees, sheltered from the fresh wind of the Sila. Here passion and competence are intertwined with a strong innovative vocation combined with the local tradition, giving life to a wine whose sips tell the deep connection with the territory and the unspoiled charm of nature. A tribute to the land, expression of love and dedication, in which the soul and excellence of Calabria are unveiled.

We have four hectares cultivated with vines; the type of vines cultivated are: Magliocco , Merlot, Aglianico, Greco Nero, Barbera, Pinot Bianco, Greco Bianco, Mantonico, Chardonnay, Incrocio Manzoni. The type of soil is silty-sand and ferrous.
The vine training systems is spurred cordon. We produce only 400/500 kilograms per hectare.
Our working group is made of experts in the field. The oenologist has over 20 years of experience and works between Calabria and Tuscany. We have also an agronomist, a cellarman, a farmer who lives in the estate and several other workers for the vineyard operations (dormant pruning, summer pruning, fertilizing, manual harvest etc. All these operations are handmade).
All our products are high quality certified by DOP ang IGP Labels, the whole winemaking process is fully carried out in our winery.
Our wines are made of grapes exclusively from our vineyards. 

The name “Rocca Brettia” is an homage to the history of Cosenza. 
Indeed it was the name of the defensive fortress of a native population, the Bretti, located on a hill of our town; the ruins of the fortress were used after 1.000 years to build part of the Swabian Castle of Cosenza. 
We use this historical link because our estate is in front of the Castle.
Our logo is an homage too, it reminds the octagonal tower of the Swabian Castle, holed up in a semicircle similar to a wineglass.

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