Tenuta Natalina Grandi

Five generations, an unique territory. Natalina Grandi recounts, the passion that has been carried forward brought from father to son. The production takes place totally in the ten hectares of land owned, divided between Lessini Durello and Gambellara, between hills and plains. The totally pure grapes are processed with a biological chain that flows in a natural and fine flavour that recalls the origins of the Earth.
Three are the balances of our company: The biological chain allows to have healthy grapes with low content of heavy metals and zero chemical pesticides; Moreover, the internal chain serves to guarantee a quality product followed in every phase of production, from thearrival of the grapes in the cellar to the final bottling.
Finally, the Volcanic Tradition marks all our wines with a unique scent, that of minerality. This translates in “buffer effects”, is like eating a “piece of lemon with salt on it”, acidity and are perfectly
well balanced.

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