CHAMPAGNE Boucant-Thiery

Located at the heart of Mont de bonneil, our House offers an exeptional setting favourable for wine-growing. Our vineyards are mainly located in Bonneil on slopes and half-slopes orientated full south and south-east. 
A 55% slope inclination and 30 to 40% average of inclines allow for plenty of sunshine on our vineyards
As a terroir wine-grower,my daily life is dedicated to Champagne Boucant-Thiery. When,at the heart of my vineyeards,  i work for their well-being,ideas spring up. My Champagnes are designed through the observation of Nature. I can project their range, their flavours
Progressing is part of my passion,as is tradition that gave birth to it.
thereby, our wines of champagne are produced with thev richness of my story,and the authenticity of my love for terroir.The family legacy has provided me with some lands, vineyards,some knom-how and some values: demand,independence. If my own choices represent a liberty that I cherish, they are always guided by my respect for tradition.

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