Bodegas y Viñedos Roberik

Abés Roberik is a venture that unites a passion for wine, working on the land, and shared determination to establish an enterprise. The compelling dream to create something unique, driven with optimism, is our guarantee of excellence. 

As a team of young people with backgrounds in business and viticulture, we are dedicated to this venture, wishing to live our future close to the land. 

We founded our winery to perform a fundamental task, but with great affection and high hopes. We link what we have learned from our forefathers with innovative contemporary style. 

In our family winery we work enthusiastically and carefully as one can only do when somethingis one's own. Starting with vineyard cultivation, seeking healthy natural growth for every vine, we aim to achieve the finest quality for each vintage. Our vineyards are part of ourselves, making it so important that there should be a balance between soils, vines, heaven and our cultivation practices. So our wine reflects this symbiosis finally in the wine-making process, performed calmly and affectionately. 

Our objective is to create a wine with which one can feel, discover, or recall the countless characteristics that wine discloses to us, as if embarking on a long voyage. It's for enjoyment with a circle of close friends, to weave bonds of friendship... and above all for pure happiness.

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