Colle del Saraceno

The property is located at 470 meters, on the slopes of the hills around Montefalco, in the center of Umbria Region. It was founded at the beginning of the '900 by the Botti family and since then has always continued to expand thanks to a great job and a tenacious will. He has always included vineyards of "Sagrantino"; therefore we have continued to preserve the traditions and techniques of winemaking for decades, even when elsewhere they had almost disappeared. The same ones that we continue to use today, supporting, without forcing them, the natural processes. The quantity of grapes that is vinified - only a part of the entire harvest - in the family house is very limited, in order to maintain HIGH QUALITY and CONSTANT over time.
The Farm produce an Extra-virgin olive oil of superior category obtained only through mechanical procedures with cold extraction method.

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