Collina dei Venti

Collina dei Venti is one of the hills of San Gimignano, it boats on a breathtaking panorama on the Tuscan
countryside and a constant presence of blows of wind from every side. This a so important historic land which
gave and still give us the chance to produce a very particular and valued vine variety as the Sangiovese Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Up to us
is the goal of bringing out its qualities.
Our fist step is to keep on taking forward the dedication to our homeland and the respect of this one, being
taught by our ancestors. We connect the past to our days in order to build a future focused on the appreciation
of the native varieties and of the pliocenic soils. The harmony between vine and terrain is a guaranteed success
if it occurs in a sustainable and appropriated to the most innovative wine making and agronomical techniques
Practising Organic methods, this features are intensifid and enhanced in the bottle.

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