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Why is it better for me to buy wines on WineJump?

On the WineJump marketplace you buy directly from the wine estates producing the wines.

Right now WineJump works hand in hand with 1.500 wine estates to ship their wines across Europe. In addition to hosting the estates we manage all the bits and bobs that come with shipping, customs, duties and taxes. So for the first time you can buy wine at cellar door prices and have them shipped directly to you. There is no hassle, and no-markups, no matter the country you live in or where you buy the wines from.

When buying directly from producers you jump all the middlemen’s costs and margins that are otherwise added as a wine travels from the winemaker to your glass. You can see each winery's estate page, and learn all about them, because at WineJump we believe that all great wines come from great stories. With each purchase you will also support the hard work and tenacity of each estate.

Beyond great value, you get access to great handcrafted wines that are unlikely to be found at your local stores.

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With so much choice how do I find the wine that is right for me?

With so much choice, we know that finding your favourite kind of wine is not always easy. But we’ve found a way to remove that stress. In the shop you can search by country, region, grape, style, organic, natural, food pairing, reviews, price, special offers and more. Using these filters - and combinations of them - will get you a long way.

Spending a few minutes to find out what the producers have to say about their wines, the family and their wine making history is always time well spent. Behind great wines are great stories.

If there is more we can do you can always ask one of our sommeliers via our handy help desk. They will be happy to send you a list of wines, just for you. Simply click on the little red “Help?” button on your screen.

How do I get access to the special promotions?

There is nothing that winemakers enjoy more than the opportunity to meet new wine lovers and share with them the fruit of their hard work and passion. As an additional encouragement for you to try something new and special, many of our estates offer special promotions from time to time.

To get these special deals simply log in and search wines in the shop using the filter “WINEJUMPER SPECIALS”.

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Replace all middlemen costs and margins with €1.5? How is that possible?

Yes! WineJump liberates the wine trade by offering a new wine trade system. Now it is possible for both producers and consumers to jump all the middlemen’s added costs and margins.

It works like this: When you buy on WineJump, the producer pays a sales fee of €1.5 per bottle. It does not matter if the wine costs €10 or €100. WineJump charges the producers the same fee because the problems (customs declarations, tax payments etc.) that WineJump solves are the same. We think that is fair.

No further mark-ups are added by WineJump, and without markups there are no fake discounts. So, we jump all that nonsense too.

What happens if my package gets lost or broken during delivery?

If your package gets lost or broken during the delivery process we will organise a replacement as soon as possible. Our team keeps an eye on every bottle of wine from the moment it leaves the estate until it arrives at your front door.

Can I see my order history?

By signing up to be a WineJumper you get the added bonus of being able to access your order history. This is a great way to keep track of your favourite bottles and winemakers.

Can I track my package?

Once the package has been sent from the estate you will be emailed the tracking number. WineJump will also keep an eye on your delivery and contact you if needed.

Which countries does WineJump ship to?

Right now WineJump distributes to Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and Austria. More European countries will join us soon.

As a wine estate, how do I benefit from selling my wines on the WineJump marketplace?

Your wines will be directly accessible to millions of wine lovers across Europe. This way you can jump all the costs and margins of importers, distributors and retailers.

It is free to present your estate and list your wines on WineJump. When you sell you pay a fee of just €1.5 per bottle. It does not matter if the wine costs €10 or €100. The fee is the same because the problems WineJump solves for you is the same as for any other estate. We believe that is fair. For that 1.5€ per bottle WineJump handles all the added hassle that comes with customs, tax compliance, payments and shipping – so you can focus on what you do best and like the most, making great wine.

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I have more questions!

If you want to talk to WineJump or ask us any more questions you can contact us at or via our helpdesk on your screen.

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