Marchesi di Ravarino

The history of this household dates back to the Romans’ times. We are talking about Marchesi di Ravarino, which is currently a commercial farm engaged in the production of organic wine by means of the Ancestral Method. It is led by Angelo Marchesi and his son Nicola, a young enologist.
The winery was born in 2010. While it originally included a vineyard of just 10 hectares, it has been expanding to more than 18 over the last decade.
Besides, these farmlands include 60 hectares of plumes destined to organic drying processes. 
As Angelo and Nicola explained, their historical farm, named “I Monti”, “consists of a square plot organized in centuriae. It is basically a square area on whose corners four small hills rise up. This is what is left of an ancient Roman camp of the 1st century BC, which was miraculously preserved up to the present day. These hillocks originated from the debris of a 6-meter deep, 20-meter wide ditch. It is a very special terroir, whose sandy, calcareous geological composition makes it different from the clayey surrounding lands”. The two owners also added: “From the very beginning, we opted for organic farming solutions, with the aim of producing quality wines while also respecting the environment. 
We have always been introducing ourselves with this slogan: "Marchesi di Ravarino - Organic farming since forever" footsteps, our production process is based on the Ancestral Method, which consists in in-bottle re-fermentation without disgorgement”.
In 2020, Marchesi di Ravarino inaugurated a new cellar obtained by renovating a 1600 building located on the farm area. Additionally, an old underground cellar was found by the Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici (literally, “Archaeological Heritage Authorities”) and promptly restored. 
As to the family’s market strategy, Angelo and Nicola told us that “it is premised on the distribution of our product at a local level, with the aim of exporting it abroad and ultimately making everyone in the world become familiar with its typicality. "

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